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Positive Impact

We impact others daily, whether positively or not. When we are rushed, we may respond in a less than pleasant manner without realizing the affect it has on another. Choosing to be respectful of each person we encounter has a powerful and positive impact.

It may take a little extra effort at first, but the rewards of being thoughtfully aware are beyond measure. Make the decision to compliment at least one person daily or to write a note of gratitude to someone who has helped you. Offer words of encouragement to someone who has lost their smile. Greet people by their first name, open a door for someone who has their hands full, or offer an appreciative word to someone who is serving you. These simple acts add to your character and become a significant part of who you are.

After fracturing my leg recently, I encountered many people serving in health care who went out of their way to be kind and make me comfortable. These simple but considerate acts serve as reminders that each of us can be a blessing and positively impact someone. By focusing on another’s needs, we forget our own difficulties and we feel lighter and happier inside.

We all have a desire within us to be appreciated, respected and to be valued. How we interact with others can either brighten their day when we enter a room or when we leave. The choice is ours.

In closing, I’m grateful that so many of you have responded positively to my website and follow my blog. Your words of encouragement, ideas and suggestions, notes of thanks, and overall feedback inspire me. I appreciate each of you.

All my best,


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