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Creating A Drop Shadow Using InDesign

This technique works well for attention grabbing short headings. Be sure to use a large, bold font.

To begin with, create your text block and keep in mind that additional space (tracking) may be needed between the letters to allow for readability. The sample below uses a tracking of 10. Copy and paste a duplicate of the text block below the original.

Original text block with duplicate

On the duplicate, highlight the text with the T (text) tool, and change the color if desired to one in the color palette. Next, apply a tint. The sample shown is using a 20% blue tint.

Original text block with drop shadow below

With the solid pointer selection tool, place the duplicate text directly on top of the original. Now, using the arrow keys on your keyboard, move the drop shadow to the right and down a few clicks, or manually with the selection tool.

Now it’s time to move the shadow behind the original text block. Select the drop shadow with the solid selection tool and hold down the control, shift, and left bracket keys. This will move the shadow behind the original text. The image below shows the final results.

Final image of drop shadow

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